Fresso – Cosmetics for your car

Discover the line of car cosmetics that will take care of your car with high efficiency. Fresso products are made of carefully selected ingredients and advanced recipes to offer the highest quality.

FRESSO Shampoo Premium

The highly concentrated Fresso Premium Shampoo body shampoo will remove all dirt from your car, creating an easy-to-rinse foam on its surface. Thanks to highly concentrated ingredients, it is extremely efficient. Just 35 ml per 10 liters of water is enough!

The product has a neutral pH. It is safe for waxes and sealants, leaving your car spotlessly clean.

Its fresh and extremely fine scented fragrance makes it impossible to pass by the product indifferently.

FRESSO Interior Cleaner

Choose a multipurpose versatile cleaner that will thoroughly and effectively clean plastic, leather, upholstery, alcantara, vinyl, aluminium or even wood. It leaves the surface perfectly clean, free of streaks and water stains. Thanks to its modern formula and neutral pH it is safe to use and at the same time very efficient. The pleasant, perfumed scent lingers on the cleaned surface, making moments spent in the car more pleasant. It is also perfect for cleaning wood, marble and granite tops, as well as tiles, fittings, aluminium and furniture. Thanks to its unique formula it leaves the surface completely smooth, which minimises the recurrence of dust and other contaminants.

FRESSO Interior Dressing

Fresso Interior Dressing will thoroughly nourish and protect plastic, rubber and vinyl elements inside your car. It creates a long-lasting antistatic coating that repels dust and dirt. It contains UV filters that protect the plastic from degradation and discolouration.

Take care of the natural look of plastic elements and ensure the darkening effect that will make your car look exclusive. Thanks to the high efficiency of the product, you can enjoy a beautiful interior for a long time and relish your drive in the best aesthetic conditions.

Be careful! The simple application and the effect obtained makes the product simply addictive.

FRESSO Wheel Cleaner

Are you dreaming of shiny wheel rims and arches without dirt or sediments?

Fresso Wheel cleaner is the quintessence of all features of the product designed to thoroughly clean to thoroughly clean the external elements of your car in a completely safe manner. Thanks to its advanced formula, wheel cleaner adheres to any element effectively dissolving accumulated dirt. For light staining, you can dilute the product with water in the ratio of up to 1:10.

The product is acid-free and safe to use on all types of rims, tires and aluminium. Additionally, it contains corrosion inhibitors which protect the cleaned parts from rust formation.

FRESSO Glass Cleaner

A perfect view while driving is a major advantage of any car. Give yourself this pleasure with Fresso Glass Cleaner which effectively and with utmost precision removes all contaminants from car windows. Efficient and powerful, it evaporates incredibly fast leaving the glass free of any streaks.

And to think that window cleaning can take just a few seconds and smell… of a unique citrus blend! Check it out!

FRESSO Leather Cleaner

Restore your leather upholstery to its former glory. Give it a new life with Fresso Leather Cleaner, which will transform the leather in your car with just a touch. Thanks to its extreme cleaning power, the product instantly removes any contaminants The thick and long-lasting foam penetrates the structure of leather, additionally eliminating unpleasant odours. It leaves the leather smooth, soft and fresh. Like it used to be. Enjoy the unique scent the product leaves on its surface. Neutral pH.


Luxury and exclusivity are the features that characterize the air freshener and the set of 12 popular Aromatic •89• scents for your car. The minimalist design of the air freshener is an elegant decoration for the interior that spreads the selected scents for up to 30 days! The exclusive scents can be felt as soon as the air freshener is inserted into the vents, and when the warmer air flow is turned on, the aroma only intensifies. The metal holder is reusable, so once one scent runs out, you can replace it with another. The set includes 12 of the most popular Aromatic •89• scents, ready to impress you with their aromas every month. This luxurious gift will delight you all year round!

The set includes the following scents:

  • By Design
  • Old Million
  • Diamond
  • Pomegranate
  • Infinity Flow
  • Brasilia
  • Majesty
  • Morocó
  • Dore
  • Inoop
  • Blue Night
  • Instinct

The car air freshener and the popular Aromatic •89• scents are packaged in a luxurious-looking box, so the arrival of the set at your home will be just one of many elegant experiences that will visit you!


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